VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – Single server – Digitalocean


Kazoo Single Server Installation on Digitalocean Server


Create a droplet of CentOS 6 64 bit. Digital Ocean

Set host name properly. Its better to set it on droplet creation time

to check hostname,

hostname -f           should show complete name of host

hostname -i           should show IP of host


Its a better idea to stop kernel updates.

edit yum configuration file   –   vi /etc/yum.conf

to stop kernel update using yum, add this line in configuration  exclude=kernel*  in [main] settings

 Now there are two methods to proceed

1) Installation script

cd /opt

git clone https://github.com/2600hz/community-scripts

mkdir -p /opt/kazoo_install

cd /opt/kazoo_install

cp ../community-scripts/simple-installer/* ./

chmod +x /opt/kazoo_install/setup*

chmod +x /opt/kazoo_install/install*


answer the questions like n for network configurations if its already configured,  option 1 to install from network and y for single server.

then it will ask for master user settings and you are done

in some versions kamailio doesn’t start , to check that

service kamailio status           –    if ti not ok and gives error like “kamailio dead but subsys locked”

then try

groupadd kamailio


service kamailio restart

it should be ok

you may access web interface using http://server_ip/kazoo-ui

to install monster-ui , please follow this article – Kazoo 2600hz Monster-UI installation


2) Manual

Set kazoo 2600hz yum repository

curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/2600hz.repo http://repo.2600hz.com/2600hz.repo



  1. Hi,

    thank you for this guide.
    I followed it to install Kazoo on DigitalOcean but I cannot log in monster-ui:

    error details :

    “auth_token”: “undefined”
    “data”: ⊖{
    “message”: “invalid credentials”
    “error”: “401”,
    “message”: “invalid_credentials”,
    “page_size”: 0,
    “request_id”: “89dc6e7e8ba009ff52de90e912931621”,
    “status”: “error”,


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