CUCM – Applications

Cisco Unified Communications Manager - Applications The choices in the drop-down list box include the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Shows...

KAZOO – Features v4

It's been a long time coming. We know we've been somewhat silent about all the work we've been doing for the past several months......

VoIP in a Cloud

(This is the first of a two-part series on using Amazon’s cloud services to meet your business telephony needs. In this part, we look...

Hosted VoIP Servers


VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – debugging – no servers available in group 1 or...

After Kazoo 2600hz install if you are getting errors while making calls even extension to extension ----------- ERROR: dispatcher : ds_get_index(): destination set not found ERROR:...

VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – Helpful commands

service kz-whistle_apps status  

VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – troubleshooting – kazoo-ui module not working

kazoo-ui module not working Try 'sup whapps_maintenance migrate' It will walk all the databases and make sure everything is up to date. Typically you'd do this...

VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – troubleshooting – couch_compactor_fsm failure

couch_compactor_fsm failure if 2600hz plateform logs shows  couch_compactor_fsm failed to ping. solution: The compactor needs to know the cookie with which the BigCouch Erlang VM started because...

VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – GUI – Monster-UI

How to install Monster-UI ? Automated method: for kazoo build ( 3.19.39+  ) In the latest 3.19 build, commands have been added to automate adding available monster applications to...

VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – Single server – Digitalocean

Kazoo Single Server Installation on Digitalocean Server Prerequisites Create a droplet of CentOS 6 64 bit. Digital Ocean Set host name properly. Its better to set it on...