CCNP (switch) – Inter VLAN routing (Routing on a stick)

Inter VLAN Routing

By default, different VLANs can’t communicate with each other, a technique through which different VLANs can communicate with each other is known as inter VLAN routing.

There are two methods for inter VLAN routing:

  1. Router on a stick.
  2. SVI (switched virtual interface).
  • Router on a stick: In this method, you need a router (layer 3 device) with a layer 2 switch. If you need inter VLAN routing for 20 different VLANs, than you need 20 interfaces on router for default gateway. To solve this problem, there is a facility provided by Cisco, that you can divide one physical interface of router into many logical subinterfaces.

Steps for inter VLAN routing through Router on a stick method:

  • Divide a physical interface into logical subinterfaces
  • Plan ip addresses
  • Configure VLANs over switch
  • Configure trunk over switch
  • Configure trunk over router
  • Verify inter VLAN routing

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