OpenVPN Connect (iOS) – .ovpn config not working in openvpn 3.4.0 after update


Actual Issue: IOS Client removed options which are not related to IOS client VPN connection

Fix: You need to remove unsupported options from your .ovpn file

Solution Steps:

1) Open OPenVPN client
2) click notepad like sign on top right corner in top menu bar
3) It will show logs, you can view or also export it by pressing email like icon on top right menu bar
4) Find options which are creating issues

you will get logs like this

Oct 21, 2023, 16:18:25 – NOTE: This configuration contains options that were not used:
Oct 21, 2023, 16:18:25 – Removed deprecated option
Oct 21, 2023, 16:18:25 – 3 [ncp-disable]
Oct 21, 2023, 16:18:25 – EVENT: CORE_THREAD_ERROR option_error: sorry, unsupported options present in configuration: Removed deprecated option [ERR]

one line before last error line shown, parameter which is shown in that line, you need to remove that parameter from your .ovpn file and profile again. here in this case that parameter is ncp-disable

Hopefully this will fix this issue, if vpn connection was working ok but after update to new ios version it stopped working.

You can read this issue in detail on OpenVPN forum on this link. OpenVPN Forum

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