A confession from a married man who still goes on dates

’I want to confess to something: I’m dating a woman, but I’m also married.

She’s incredible. She’s beautiful, intelligent, quick-witted and strong. I love going to cafes with her, to the cinema, to exhibitions. I love telling her that she’s beautiful. I can’t remember the last time I was angry with her even for five minutes. Whatever kind of day I’ve had, her smile always cheers me up. Sometimes she organises surprises for me. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t feel so happy that I’ve met her, and that she’s mine alone.

Try it yourself; then you’ll see your own life change for the better. Oh, didn’t I mention that the woman I’m dating is my wife? What, you thought it was someone else?

If you’re married, it doesn’t mean your life is over. I want to continue going on dates with my wife. The desire to make her happy didn’t disappear just because she once said, ’I do.’

I often notice how relationships start to break down because both sides give up trying to understand and get to know each other better like they did at the start. But if you keep going on dates, you’ll learn something new about your partner every time. Why stop doing it? You should never stop doing it!

That spark, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach that was there on your first date might not appear again for another two years. But from day to day, you need to behave as if you’ve only just met — then you’ll both notice big changes in your relationship.

Communicating and taking a constant interest in each other is the key to a successful relationship. No one wants to be with a person who isn’t interested in them.

I suggest that you don’t give up inviting your wife out for a date. Romantic evenings together shouldn’t just end when you put the ring on her finger.

Ref: BrightSide

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