The Most In-Demand Industries for Freelancers

An outcome of recession and subsequent signs of recovery has been a growth in self-employment over the last decade. Developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology are all laying the foundations for a revolution more comprehensive and all-encompassing than anything we have ever seen. The current technological revolution is not just a race between humans and machines but rather it has provided an opportunity for work to truly become a channel through which people recognize their full potential.

Technological, socio-economic, geopolitical and demographics developments and interactions between them have generated new categories of jobs and occupations. It is exciting for people who want to have work fit into their lives instead of trying to find time for life outside work. At present, the ability to work from home is considered a great advantage by many professional in all kinds of different industries. These independent workers are becoming a growing force for U.S and it is really broadening across occupations and industries.

Tech jobs are taking freelancers by storm; they have redefined the traditional freelance work. Flexjobs, an online marketplace, has tracked down 50 industries that hired freelancers from December 1, 2015 till March 1, 2016. It found out the IT and software development categories are up high this year but they have been in the top 10 year over year. These categories are as follows:

  1. Computer and IT
  2. Administrative
  3.  Accounting and Finance
  4. Customer service
  5. Software development
  6. Medical and Health
  7. Project Manager
  8. Research Analyst
  9. Writing
  10. Education and Training

Freelancing is the Future of Work

In recent past years, freelancing has increasingly gained immense importance as the future work. Today, many skilled professionals with many years of experiences are pursuing freelancing as a career. Breaking into any creative field like photography, design or writing, isn’t always easy but freelance work is a great way to get your foot in the door with potential employers.

According to UpWork, an online marketplace, the demand for content marketing skills is up 136%. WooComerce, a direct sales platform, increased 134%, 53% increase was observed by virtual assistants and 51% by electrical engineering jobs.

It is the best time for freelancers to start their work; there are more avenues available to find work, to make contacts, to connect with others, etc. thanks to technology and its ability to network. There is much to learn how you can set up shop but you don’t get to be an artist until you’ve been a salesperson. Companies and employers in today’s circumstances look for freelancers who arrive with skills and knowledge they need. You need to practice with your skills until you are able to produce work which is better than they already have.

The Education Burden

If you aren’t passionate about your work then you shouldn’t be working for yourself. Until you improve your basic understanding of the fundamentals of freelancing, you will continue to have issues working and will see your lack of preparedness spill into over your dealings with clients.

Freelancing is a profession with zero barriers to entry and many people jump directly into self-employment with little to no experience in the actual marketplace. Running your own business is a tough racket and it requires an enormous commitment and takes a perseverance that is impossible to quantify.

The sophistication of jobs is increasing and employers have started demanding freelancers to build out entire technology and content ecosystems for them. Clients more often look for high-quality work as opposed to low price but they are always willing to pay more for a freelancer who has a great reputation and has produced exceptional work.

Opportunities in Development of Pakistan’s Economy

Since the financial crises of 2008, Pakistan has faced incredible security challenges and economic turbulence. If there is one thing that becomes clear when looking at a complex country like Pakistan, it is where there are gaps there are also innumerable opportunities. Filling these gaps through freelancing can be highly profitable, it will be able to provide a valuable boost to our country’s economy and its people by providing solutions to development problems. Pakistan may be still new on the scene when it comes to freelancing but changes are happening quickly.

Generating wealth through freelancing is only one aspect; most importantly it can solve problems. Sizable population of our country is malnourished; many people are unable to feed themselves and their families due to food price inflation and lack of job opportunities. They depend on Government ideals and NGOs and nobody comes forward with an entrepreneurial mindset to make them financially independent.

By choosing freelancing as a career, Pakistani youth has been able to create self-employment. They have created a culture of entrepreneurship by capitalizing on local knowledge. What is particularly heartening is that with changing requirements of the IT world, Pakistani youth has acquired the tools that are necessary to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship. Many Pakistani freelancers with successful existing startups are using their expertise in the country now. Along with making profits, freelancing path has enabled them to make concentrated efforts to transfer knowledge and technology.

The options are abundant and clear to freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to enrich Pakistan.

Ref: ProPakistani

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