How Windows 10 Can Help Promote your Business and Engage More Customers

As a business owner, I always want to introduce my product or services to a maximum number of people and engage more customers. Engaging huge amount of customers has never been an easy task, but once someone truly gets it, the business is sure to get a boost.

Your Business Needs an App to Represent It

In this era of modern technologies and smart devices, businesses should consider utilizing the huge amount of resources and opportunities that digitalization of their services can bring to them. Consider an application representing a business that’s available to millions of people. It has the potential to better introduce the products or offerings and is able to serve the potential clients and make a first good impression of the business.

In a country like Pakistan where almost every computer user is running Windows operating system from or at least have access to some Windows device, there is a huge potential for the Windows 10 Store to make your business grow with its immense reach.

The graph below shows the dominance of Windows OS in the desktop arena:



The Numbers Tell a Story of Their Own

This graph shows that a whopping 90% plus of the desktop OS market share is owned by Windows in the global market. Obviously this also reflects the pattern in Pakistan as well, as people here are more likely to use Microsoft, given the low cost of their respective hardware devices.

But what about the vigorously increasing number of smaller devices (smartphones and tabs) that are now able to perform most of your desktop tasks? Let us first have a look at the overall OS Market share in Pakistan in 2014 below:


The main point of consideration here is that all the other versions of Windows are soon going to be updated to Windows 10 which has already acquired a big market share with more than 110 Million devices running it. The OS aims to target 1 Billion devices by the end of 2019 according to the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella, and this looks quite feasible too with Windows 10 being hugely appreciated globally.

Windows App Store is Integrated throughout Windows 10

Windows 10 is designed such that it pulls in more users to the app store through several intelligent techniques. For example, Cortana provides app recommendations based on the customer’s personal interests. In addition, the Start menu, Microsoft Edge and the Notification Center will also suggest apps that customers might enjoy.

Having an application for Windows 10 store is not a difficult task, turning your existing business website to a universal Windows store app is a piece of cake with the Hosted Web Apps facility. Universal Windows Platform provides developers with the opportunity to develop for all the devices without having to code differently for all devices.


Pakistan is a big market for your business to grow using the Windows 10 store apps, many have already realized this fact and have started to cover this market to engage massive amount of clients. Whether you have an E-Commerce business, a local manufacturer, or a developer, you can make an app for the Windows 10 store. Spend time to introduce your app to some audience either through social media pages or paid adds on Facebook as it is used widely across the country, and see the results. If you’re a startup, then Microsoft’s BizSpark program can help you achieve your potential. Don’t just hold back, take this opportunity and develop your own application.

Ref: ProPakistani

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