Becoming an Entrepreneur

Basic Topics

  • What entrepreneurship is
  • How to come up with ideas
  • Doing market research and finding your customer
  • Creating value for your customer
  • Knowing how to capture and sustain value
  • Selling and pitching

Advanced Topics

  • Entrepreneurial finance and accounting — no spreadsheets
  • Team formation
  • Product development and coding
  • A program for established companies to further their business
  • How to get funded




  • Entrepreneurship Foundation and Ideation — first, we’ll cover some foundations in entrepreneurship, sharing common hurdles and how to overcome them, plus what a career as an entrepreneur might be. Then, you’ll go through the idea generation (ideation) including some creativity exercises and brainstorming, plus how to filter ideas.
  • Business Process — the foundation for the business process is Disciplined Entrepreneurship, an integrated, comprehensive, and proven process used by MIT faculty and students to crank out successful companies. This is distilled to six themes, where we will focus on the first few sections, going through knowing your customer, determining what you can do for them, and how to reach them and have them acquire your product.
  • Professional skills — additional skill building in time management, self-awareness, focus, and selling skills are integrated throughout the course to promote effectiveness and maximum efficiency both professionally and personally.

Ref: MIT Launch X

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