CCNP (switch)- Network Design

Network Design

There are three layers of a network design:

  1. Access layer
  2. Distribution layer
  3. Core layer

Each network design consists of minimum two layers of network design.

  • Access layer: Where end users are connected, this is called as access layer. And the devises through which they are connected are called as access devices.
  • Core layer: Layer which is directly connected to service provider (internet) is called as core layer.
  • Distribution layer: Layer which provides services to above two layers is called as distribution layer. Policies are running on this layer. This layer is used for policies because we need speed on access layer and core layer. That is why we divide a network into layers. You have to use more efficient device on this layer.

What we have to consider, while designing a network?

  1. Cost
  2. Redundancy (Backup for each device)

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