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Successful people think in a healthy way that invites inspiration. From when they wake up in the morning to when they close their eyes at night they’re creating thoughts that bring the best possibilities. Check out this list of things successful people don’t ever think so you can become even more successful:

Things successful people never think

1. “How can I blame this on someone else?”

Successful people don’t think in terms of where others are failing, but instead lean in to a life filled with opportunities they constantly create. This approach fuels them past failure into becoming a force that frees everyone around them to be their best.

2. “I’ll be happy when [insert future thing].”

Ever noticed this thought? It includes things like “…when this project is through” or “…when I get that dream job,” or “…when I retire.” Successful people know that attaining big goals doesn’t make them instantly live happily ever after. They don’t hinge happiness on a goal, but stick with this thought: “I’m happy now because [insert reason].” They know that every day is a new day to connect, share and innovate in ways nobody has before.

3. “I don’t get mad, I get even.”

Successful people aren’t in the revenge business, since they know it leads to a bankrupt life. They may get upset and frustrated with others at times, but they don’t waste their thoughts on how they can hurt others. Instead they fill their heads with reasons to build bridges and bring out the best in everyone, including those that bother them, clinging to the words “I’m going to give.” And they’re loved for it.

4. “That’s just the way I am.”

This is the quicksand of life, the thought that change isn’t possible because of upbringing, circumstance, or some past mistake. Successful people crush that thought with one, powerful truth: “I am [insert new definition]”. They’ll say to themselves, “I am confident”, “I am caring”, “I am courageous”, and they’ll become it, even if it wasn’t completely true yesterday. They define their future by being it today.

5. “I’m always right.”

Successful people recognize that being the smartest person in the room isn’t what it used to be. While it once impressed, it now annoys. Google and Siri are the gurus of data, but nobody likes to hang out with them during social hours. Instead successful people are always in learning mode, never afraid to admit they don’t know something, and always interested in other people.

6. “Why me?”

Successful people turn down the “me”, and turn up the “we”, constantly imagining how they can do more service for others to elevate life experiences. They activate selfless power by shifting the goal from achieving their dreams to serving others as part of their dreams.

7. “I’m not creative.”

You don’t find successful people discounting their creativity. They believe like Steve Jobs that, “creativity is just connecting things.” And they connect things all the time, in ways that are practical and inspiring.

8. ”I’m not good enough.”

This thought is a killer—and it can hit if the promotion doesn’t come, when the business isn’t getting off the ground, or if a relationship is failing. Successful people bust this lie by sticking with: “I’m more than enough.” They know they don’t have to wait to accomplish things first to feel great. They connect to a purpose in life that gets them up in the morning and makes them dream dreams at night.

9. “I just don’t want to rock the boat.”

Powerful people aren’t in love with the status quo. They’re always thinking of how to disrupt things for the better. They don’t think about protecting what’s popular as much as they think about developing what’s different while asking, “Why not?”

10. “I expect them to do it, even if I don’t.”

You’ll never find successful people living life on the hypocritical side. They never ask people to do something they’re not willing to do themselves. This gives them a unique strength in how they lead.

11. “I don’t have time for [insert important activity].”

Successful people don’t limit their power to do what matters most. They focus more on innovating life than managing time, knowing that faith, family, fitness, and friends trump everything else in the end.

What things have you heard about that aren’t powerful? What above stands out most to you? Is it thinking about happiness first, not thinking negatively about others, and/or thinking different? How will you become even more successful today?

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Author: Chris Deaver is a learning strategist and HR Business Partner.

Ref: Forum Blog

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