How to Setup WordPress Coding Standards in VSCode?

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WordPress Coding Standards are well documented in detail in WordPress Developer Handbook. WordPress also offers a Github project, which maintains the WordPress Coding Standards rules and the tools needed to inspect and format the code (PHP Code Sniffer And Beautifier).

It is to keep in mind that, WordPress Coding Standards have notable differences from PSR (PHP Standard Recommendation), for example:

  • snake case (my_function_name)
  • space around function arguments (myfunction ( 'foo' ))
  • long array syntax (array() instead of [])
  • and more

For Windows Users

1) NodeJS & NPM Installation

If NodeJS and NPM is not installed on system, Please find install NodeJS from link

2) Composer Installation

If Composer tool is not installed on system, you need to install it first. PHP is also required to install composer,

Please install required version of PHP from this link

then please install Composer from below link

3) Download and Install WordPress Coding Standards

Create a Folder for Tools, better to create on some place where admin permissions are not required


git clone

cd WordPress-Coding-Standards

composer install

vendor/bin/phpcs -d phpcs -d memory_limit=2048M -ps . --standard=WordPress

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