Google Chrome Extensions For Small Businesses

In no particular order, here are our top 50 recommended Google Chrome Extensions for Small Businesses. These are the types of tools that are going to help you transform your daily grind into a seamlessly transcendental workflow.

Many of these extensions can also be used with Firefox.

  1. Momentum – Pictured above, this extension gets your traditionally boring dashboard up to snuff. The dashboard includes weather updates, quotes, time, goal setting and inspirational landscapes.
  2. Email Hunter – A beautifully simple to use extension that lets you quickly search for email addresses associated with a website. For Marketing and PR people who need to reach out to other companies on a regular basis, this will become your new best friend.
  3. Scraper – Extracts data from web pages and puts them into spreadsheets. Quick, clean, and useful.
  4. Google Docs – Create, save, edit and share web based text documents.
  5. Google Sheets – Create, save, edit and share web based spreadsheets.
  6. Google Calendar – THE online calendar. Includes lots of integrations and syncing options.
  7. Google Slides – Google’s web based answer to PowerPoint.
  8. Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar – The Upworthy of Chrome Extensions. “Find content and people that make an impact!”
  9. Toky for Business – “Receive and make calls using your browser as a telephone.” Toky lets you get your office out of the 90’s with this web-based dialing extension.
  10. Tick Tick Todo & Task List – A solid task manager AKA the get “ish” done extension.
  11. Poper Blocker – If you couldn’t tell from the name, it’s a popup blocker.
  12. Adgaurd AdBlocker – Another solid popup blocker.
  13. Yesware Email Tracking – Email analytics and templates for Gmail.
  14. Woorank – Like having a virtual SEO guru sidekick. Woorank helps you get SEO reports, tips, and analytics. Essential for Content Marketers.
  15. Multi Highlight – Highlight your web pages like it’s 1999!
  16. Google Publisher Toolbar – The politician of extensions, as it simultaneously and ironically helps to both analyze your ads while simultaneously blocking them?
  17. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) – Easily subscribe to a site’s RSS feed.
  18. Office Online – Make office docs in your browser.
  19. GoToMeeting – Synch your webinar calendar with your Google Calendar.
  20. Wikiwand – Hypsterizes your Wikipedia pages, making them look fresh and vibrant. With no more boring “encyclopedia feel,” research becomes more bearable.
  21. Awesome File Opener – Let’s you open and edit files in your browser.
  22. PictureMate – Allows the user to view hidden photos of anyone on Facebook. A great tool for HR to use when hiring.
  23. PasswordBox – “Never forget a Password Again!” Essential.
  24. Fontface Ninja – Browsing a site and see a font you like? Grab it and try it for yourself!
  25. Toggl Button – No more getting sidetracked! Toggl helps you manage your workflow with a nifty timer. Integrates with over 50+ 3rd party applications including the ever formidable SalesForce.
  26. Sync Google Drive – “Sync and manage all your files in the cloud directly from Google Drive.”
  27. Mixmax – A great email tool that helps you create surveys, track emails, create tasks, and schedule email blasts through Gmail.
  28. Streak for Gmail – A CRM for Gmail.
  29. PDF Viewer – “Uses HTML5 to display PDF files directly in the browser.”
  30. Shoeboxed – “Clip images of receipts, business cards and bills directly from your browser and submit them to Shoeboxes for immediate processing.” As receipts increasingly go mobile, Shoeboxed provides you with a way to  quickly capture these transactions without ever having to touch a printer.
  31. MozBar – “Streamline your SEO while you surf the web.” MozBar allows you to create custom searches, identify keywords, and compare sites. Essential for anyone trying to rank their pages higher—which let’s be honest, is all of us.
  32. Keepa – Let’s you stay on top of price drops on Amazon sites. A solid tool for Amazon sellers needing to stay apprised of their competition.
  33. DO IT! – The ultimate motivational tool that gives you quick access to Shia LaBeouf’s  memorable rat tail infused speech!
  34. Evernote Web Clipper – Sync your “web clippings” to your Evernote account.
  35. MakeGIF Video Capture – An awesome tool for content marketers. Lets you capture HTML5 videos and turn them into GIFs.
  36. Sumo Paint – Another great Sumo extension, comparable to Pixlr—this extension is a picture editor and painting application.
  37. ChromeVox – A great tool for the impaired OR overwhelmed. ChromeVox will read webpages out loud allowing you to multitask.
  38. Amazon Publisher Studio Extension Beta – “…add links to products on Amazon directly from your Blog or content management systems (CMS), without the need to visit Associates Central to get links.”
  39. XKit – A solid set of tools for those pushing content on Tumblr.
  40. UberConference – Let’s you schedule calls from Google Calendar.
  41. Buffer – A popular extension that allows you to share content to your social media accounts from anywhere on the web. Integrates with a lot of third party apps like Tweetdeck and Hacker News. A solid tool for content marketers that can greatly reduce time and effort.
  42. Klout – Quickly share content to your social media accounts from anywhere on the web.
  43. Password Alert – An app made by Google geared towards protecting you against phishing scams.
  44. Talk and Comment – Let’s you record and send voice notes on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress. Might be a little awkward in the office (speaking to your computer), but great for those who work at home/those without shame.
  45. Spots – A clean interface for your homepage. Allows you to organize and customize your favorite websites into seamless catalogues.
  46. JSONView – Reformats JSON into a more readable format.
  47. Postman – Allows you to make HTTP requests to speed up API or development.
  48. Premier League Live Blog – We tried to make this one applicable to small business. It’s not, but you still need it, because Premier League.
  49. Honey – A great tool for distributors/retailers. Automatically searches and applies coupons to your purchases.
  50. The Great Suspender – “Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources.”

Ref: SocialMediaToday

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