Google’s ‘Which Phone?’

Google’s ‘Which Phone?’

Google’s ‘Which Phone?’

Select Your Ideal Android Phone through Google’s ‘Which Phone?’

If you are a relatively new player in the Android market today, things can get a bit tricky. With ever increasing  competition and not much difference in specs, it can be difficult to decide which product you should spend your money on.

Thankfully however, things will get better since Google itself has decided to help you in such circumstances with this new tool called Which Phone. It gives you a list of smartphones, both old and new after knowing the tasks you perform most.

The procedure is simple. It gives you a list of ten actions people normally carry out most (“Taking photos”, “Being productive”, “Staying fit”, etc.). It then asks you the amount of time you spend executing it. It asks you to choose three such tasks. It’s easy and takes barely a minute.

Non-US users should leave carrier option unselected. It then comes up with smartphones which align most with your lifestyle. You can choose what size or price you want the phone in or whether it should be the latest model available. Usually the phones which come out include the LG G4, the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge etc., though, options as aging as the Samsung Galaxy S III (circa 2012) and as varied as options from Kyocera and Alcatel are found too.

While such a thing is not uncommon at all, far from it, it will still help people find a respectable offering from a top-tier manufacturer. Here’s to the hoping that carriers from other countries are added too.

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