Home Remedies – How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally in Just 3 Minutes

How much does it cost you to have your teeth whitened at the dentist? We’re pretty sure it will run into tens, if not hundreds of dollars. So why not consider a more natural way of doing it at home instead. This doesn’t involve harsh abrasives, toxic chemicals or anything like bleach! This is a more natural yet still effective way of making those ‘pearly whites’ sparkle the way you like them to. You’ll find this method especially useful if you drink a lot of tea or coffee as we know these are some of the prime culprits in darkening beautiful white teeth. If you smoke that will also stain your teeth, as well as do untold damage to the rest of your body, so do prioritize your health if you can.

The best thing you notice that there are only two components to the teeth-whitening paste, and neither of them is expensive.

Lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Yes, that literally is all that you need for this great teeth whitening method. As you will discover, all you have to do is create a liquid paste using the two ingredients, and then apply it to your teeth for no longer than three minutes.

it was interesting to notice that one or two people indicated that this method of teeth whitening did irritate their gums. Perhaps to make 100% sure you don’t have any problems, try a little bit of paste on a back tooth and see how your gums react to that first.

Source : Stylish Eve

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