Husband & Wife – Six keys to a GREAT relationship

1 – Friendship: Try to be your spouse best friend. No matter what happens, be a friend first, and a lover later.

2 – Trust: The key element to any relationship is trust, so before starting this beautiful journey with your spouse, learn to trust in all circumstances.

3 – Understanding: Try to figure out each other and work out on our differences. There are going to be many differences, but it’s mutual compromise and sacrifice which makes this relationship beautiful.

4 – Communication: Try to talk and convey your message to your spouse. Let your spouse know about how good/ bad your day was along with remind them how you feel for them.

5 – Honesty: Always speak the truth, never lie or hide things in fear that your spouse won’t understand. Give your spouse a chance to understand you.

6 – Freedom: Give your spouse space and freedom to decide for themselves. Don’t take away the personal time of your spouse.When you have practised all of the above, then trust Allah and you will see how beautiful life gets.

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