A man opened his wife’s closet of clothes. It was lined with dresses that she had worn just once, may be twice. There were others that had been kept away unused, waiting for a special occasion.

He opened her jewellery box. It was neatly packed with necklaces and earrings that had not been worn for so long that he had even forgotten that she had them. There were rings and bracelets that she had cherished with care. There were old bangles that his mother had given to her. They too, lay packed in silken pouches all for a special occasion.

He moved to the crockery closet in their dinning room. Rows of crystal glasses and expensive chinaware, stared at him sadly. The silver cutlery set that he had bought her still lay in its suede jacket, waiting for a special occasion.

There were so many souvenirs around the house that stared gloomily at him. He could stil smell the camphor…her burial was just yesterday.

She had passed away, after a prolonged and painful illness All the things that she had bought, with so much fervour, but never got to use, hit him like arrows.

He was full of regret. Why had she not worn those lovely dresses? Why had she spent her life scrimping and scraping for the tomorrow that she never woke up to? Why had they not dinned in their silver and crystal? No one is as special as you and your family. No moment or occasion is as special as NOW

There is surely a lot of sense in saving for a rainy day, but at the same time we must learn to live in the present. Live life to the fullest and don’t worry about the next day, it’s already tomorrow in Australia! Past is history; future is a mystery; today is a gift from God, that is why it is called the ‘PRESENT!’

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