Khunjerab – Gawadar Trade Corridor, Pak-China signed MoU for railway track project

Pakistan and China have been all weather friends. Both have benefited each other at various stages and have been benefiting from each other. Pakistan is elder in age only, however, China is leader in many fields to Pakistan. Pakistan has always tried to tap on China’s exponentially expanding economy that China has also welcomed but Pakistan could never improvise on China’s economic development and “always welcomed guest” attitude. Most of the times, Pakistan apex leadership (officer bearers, leadership is a holistic term, for that they do not fit) have been visiting (successfully always) China and bring simply begged Aid in monetary/financial forms, or if more, some investors to the infrastructure or the like. No Pakistani ever seemed to learn from China’s the very secret of success. Someone has added new supplements to the armor piles, some brought some train trains, and some brought gifts to themselves and to their families although every one lauded their visits “Successful” No one ever brought the IDEA. Anyways, it’s Pakistan, it will take some more centuries to get educated.
Currently, Pakistan’s premier, Mian Saheb is on the go to China or most probably be on the way back. It’s been said that some eight MoUs and contracts have been signed or to be signed. Electricity, transport & infrastructure have been at the top of the list. As it’s the favorite and core agenda of the ruling party to build tracks, railroads, subways, motorways, roads etc. and run some new kind of vehicles on them and calling it, “Economical progress and development”. Where these siblings take us to???

One of the agendas or MoUs, is Khunjrav to Gawadar rail track! And, finance has been appropriated in budget 2013-14, the expansion of high way on the same route that will happen the Trade Corridor Dream come true to China and economic development to Pakistan. This is a good step towards mending the sinking Titanic of economy of Pakistan, however, China will make the most of it and Pakistan will do nothing for itself. This grand project, in case of railway, will start from Khunjrav in Gilgit Baltistan and run across Gilgit Baltistan into Pakistan vis-à-vis to Gawadar. Listening to this, as it was also, once or many times, Musharaf had desired so. I, myself was very happy then, but later on as I read the views of the people Gilgit Baltistan on many forums in social media, the wise men have arisen many basic and critical QUESTIONS! That made me to contemplate on it and change my mind.

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