Mohafiz – a life saving mobile app

Mohafiz is a life saving mobile application that allows you to broadcast a life-threatening situation to the people you choose as ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contacts through SMS, Facebook and Twitter.



Mohafiz and its features are response to the lack of infrastructure that our governments have when it comes to providing emergency support services. Mohafiz App has been developed by taking into account that it has all the features needed for the one facing grave situation.

1) Alerts through Text Messages.

You can broadcast the message for help through SMS message just at the press of a button.

2) Facebook and Twitter.

You can also broadcast the message for help using Facebook and Twitter at once if you have GPRS activated and the options enabled in the settings panel.

3) General / Specific Alert.

If you can’t name the emergency you are facing or don’t have time to do it, you can broadcast a General Distress Signal.

4) General Emergency Numbers.

Need help from emergency services? Our app contains phone book of all the Emergency Services within your city.

5) Power Button Alert.

Facing situation like don’t have time to open the application and send alert? This is the just right feature that was needed the most. You can send a Panic Alert just by double clicking the ‘Power Button’ of your cell phone.

6) Blood Donation.

Need some specific type of blood immediately? This feature helps you find the blood with specific type within your city no matter where you are in Pakistan.

7) News Feed

Stay up-to-date with every thing happening around whether its strike, incoming flood, riots etc through pop-up notifications.

About Mohafiz


Today, right at this moment, we are vulnerable to a number of threats.

From medical emergencies, house fires, road accidents, armed robberies to full blown terrorist attacks, and to top it all, we live in a third world country and like most third world countries there are some harsh realities of life. Our governments usually don’t have the funds to respond to each one of our emergencies in time due to lack of infrastructure, traffic jams, manpower limitations etc. More often than not, our loved ones, our family members, our neighbors, our friends and our colleagues are the ones who are willing to give up everything and come to our rescue but the problem is, how can we get them to know instantly that we are in trouble?


With the Mohafiz mobile application,

We are not only encouraging people to become each other’s mohafiz, but we are making the process simpler, allowing people to reach out to one another just at the press of a button. When faced with a life-threatening emergency, such as being robbed at home or outside, a terrorist incident, a medical emergency or a car accident, use the Mohafiz App to alert your dependable loved ones that your life is in danger and you need their help urgently.


Mohafiz is a life saving mobile application,

that allows you to broadcast a life-threatening situation to the contacts you choose as ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contacts through SMS, Facebook and Twitter. These may be your immediate family members, your neighbors, friends, colleagues, people whom you know and trust that they will let go of anything at once to come to your assistance when you need it the most. In a world where emergency services are too few and too over burdened to effectively deal with the ever growing nature and number of emergencies that we face in our daily lives, it is ‘humanity’ we can trust. So that we can look at one another to provide all kind of mutual support in the hour of need.

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