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National Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Security (NIAIS)

The mission of NIAIS is to reshape and contribute in Pakistan’s technology, education and industry sector for skill development, business opportunities and economic growth by adopting to new era of 4th Industrial Revolution and emerging technologies.

Its aim is to make Pakistan a Global IT hub and to export its products and services related to emerging technologies for socio-technical and economic growth. It is contributing in this revolution by its initiative of developing modern technology oriented work force , developing job market and developing entrepreneurial ecosystem in emerging technologies. This skilled human resource will ultimately participate in making digital and prosperous Pakistan.

Courses Offered

NIAIS is offering following courses.

Artificial Intelligence

A one year AI, machine learning and deep learning program designed by industrial and academic experts based on practical and hands on learning.

National Cyber Security (Cyber Security Program)

A one year National Cyber Security (Cyber Security) program designed by industrial and academic experts according to Pakistan’s and international market needs based on practical and hands on learning, making Pakistan cyber secure.

Full Stack Web Development

A one year Full Stack Web Development program designed for absolute beginners by industrial and academic experts in which you will learn Full Stack Web Development.

Block Chain

A one year Block Chain program designed for absolute beginners by industrial and academic experts based on practical and hands on learning environment.

Cloud Computing

A one Year Program in Cloud Computing specialization takes you on the tour through cloud computing systems. Course modules are specially designed to cater the needs of modern trends in this field.

Internet of Things

A one year Internet of Things program is designed by practitioners and experts in field to provide basic to advance concepts & practical implementations of the core ideas.

NIAIS, National Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Security, is working on advanced cutting edge technologies to Boost Pakistan’s Economy & it’s knowledge economy and make it’s Defense unbeatable by making it I.T hub. NIAIS is an initiative to train 1 Million people at National Level on advanced technologies (as future technologies will replace most of conventional jobs) with minimal charges to accommodate and engage maximum students and professionals. Their contribution will turn into immaculate success of Pakistan and will help Pakistan to enter in the market where revenue from these emerging technologies is 13 Trillion Dollars.

NIAIS Website

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