Oaxis’ health devices track your water, weight and workouts



You may not have heard of Oaxis, but it’s determined to get on your radar if you’re a health maven. The young firm is crowdfunding a Wellness Suite that includes not just the obligatory fitness bands (the O2 and Ji Cheng), but also a smart water bottle (the Vita) and a scale (the Glo). To us, the highlights are the non-wearables. The Vita helps track your hydration levels, and will tell you whether or not your water is both chilly and safe to drink. The Glo, meanwhile, keeps tabs on everything from your total weight to subtle factors like your body fat index and metabolic rate. Ironically, the bands are the most humdrum items here — the Ji Cheng is a “fashion” band that measures daily activity, while the O2 is built for exercise with real-time heart rate updates.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pledge for the full bundle if you’re curious. It’ll take $57 to reserve the Glo or Vita, and $79 if you want either of the bands; shell out $144 and you’ll get a three-gadget pack that should cover the bases. All of them are expected to ship in September if things remain on schedule. The suite might not tempt you away from the likes of Fitbit or Withings, but it’s certainly comprehensive. Give a look if you feel that fitness is about much more than step counts and simple weigh-ins.

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