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SEO Tips for Business Success

seo tips for business success

Being a founder of multiple failed startups, I always tried to find a way of cheap advertising techniques to get results with minimum investment. In this struggle, one day I came across Search Engine Optimization (SEO) platform and I can confidently say it changed my life.

The moment, I became convinced that how much powerful SEO is in the world of advertising, I didn’t waste any time and started learning it right away. I implemented it on my website. And after years of trying SEO techniques on my website, I became expert at it.

Here, I want to share the journey of my startup. It is an auto mobile blog, where I used to write SEO optimized articles and my partner worked as a sales guy.

The Business Model
Our business model was to get auto mobile leads through the website using SEO tricks and then refer those leads to partner workshops which can give us commission on every sale.

SEO Strategy

In the start, We managed to attract only few hundred visitors per month. After few months, We reviewed our SEO strategy and made a new one. In the new strategy, we focused on picking new SEO keywords. So, for all daily routine queries and new auto mobiles, we tried to make sure that we were at the top of Google search. Since it is easy for new keywords to beat powerful and old websites.

For every new vehicle or auto mobile service, we made a new page on website with the same name. Hence, the race to increase the number of visitors started. After making its page, we worked on its SEO.  We wrote few articles on it and back-linked it to our landing page. Furthermore, to give it an extra juice, we made a Facebook ad which sends interested users to our new page.

Beating Big Market Players

In few days, we were at the top in Google search by beating other websites of big market players. So now, anyone who searches information about auto mobile services or models, they see our website page in top rankings. As most people prefer to go to a website which is on the top, this gives our page higher Click Through Rate (CTR). Our daily users increased from 5-10 to 1k+ daily visitors.

This helped us attracting potential customers fall on our website. We started to receive nonstop calls. We made an easy money just by being a middleman. We referred our clients to our partner workshops and they gave us a healthy commission.

How can you make your business a success through SEO

SEO is not a rocket science. Anyone can learn it with little knowledge of computer science and marketing. These days in our Pakistani market, good SEO experts are difficult to hire as this is something that is not taught in our universities. It’s about time that our computer science course gets digital marketing subject as a compulsory elective. Its future is wide and unlimited. Print media is going to be obsolete in coming years. For a business owner, don’t be late to implement SEO, your competitors probably know about SEO, but you might have been left behind.

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keyword research May 24, 2019 at 10:17 am

Most marketing and advertising costs big money, but the only cost of SEO is how much time you spend learning SEO strategies and writing content, or paying an SEO specialist to improve your Google rankings. With a proper SEO campaign maintained over several months, you can expect an ROI several times greater than any Facebook or AdWords advertising, up to 800 or more. Once you get into SEO, you will start to learn that it’s all about the keywords, which are simply the words and phrases that people enter into search engines. The overall goal of SEO is to write content in which these keywords are used and focused on, making your site stronger and higher ranked when people Google that certain keyword.

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