ShadiBox – A Startup That Makes Weddings Less of a Hassle

ShadiBox Is A Startup That Makes Weddings Less of a Hassle.

Planning a wedding for yourself or for a loved one seems like an exciting experience but in truth, it can be exhausting and hectic. From finding for the perfect tailor to the reliable caterer; it is a frustrating, time-wasting, budget-tightening experience for many. You just wish it could be done and be done with it.

Such was an experience of Talha Rehman, the Founder of ShadiBox, when he had to face numerable hurdles organizing his sister’s wedding. Turning online in the hope of finding services was a disappointment and that’s when the need for a wedding platform emerged in the form of ShadiBox.

ShadiBox: Making Organizing a Shadi Easy

An online wedding marketplace, ShadiBox, aims at tapping into the $15bn wedding industry of Pakistan and become as the ‘Amazon for weddings.’ Based in Lahore and in Beta phase right now, ShadiBox has already made some noise in the industry. It’s a quick and easy way to plan, search and book the most reliable and popular wedding vendors in the city.

Catering to both vendors and users, it brings much-needed features which makes wedding planning a much more easier task. Vendors can connect with ShadiBox and have their portfolio and services uploaded. Users on the other hand, can get services like getting exclusive discounts to availing affordable wedding packages with a number of add-ons, honeymoon packages, car rental, DJ /dance floor services and so on. Users can also directly give reviews of the vendors on the website, therefore removing doubts about reliability.

Using the Website

The website seems simple and user-friendly enough. You get Featured vendors with a dedicated page, that provides users with information about timing availability, types of services, reviews, gallery and of course, online booking too.

Signing Up

While still in Beta Phase, the website will have advanced features such as a custom dashboard for users as well as vendors to ensure both parties are able to meet their needs. We hope to see such a feature soon, because it can make matters much easier and serve the very purpose that’s needed in a wedding-focused startup.

There’s the element of bargaining and negotiating between vendors and customers, a common feature that we witness in the run up to any desi wedding. Something akin to this can help more people use ShadiBox by letting them avail flexibility in finding that perfect wedding package that suits their needs.


How Does it Work for Vendors

Vendors will be charged a one-time minimal registration fee (though it’s free for users) after which they can have their business details uploaded on the website. Considering the fact that vendors are now pretty much aware of the basics of online technology, this venture according to the founder is a,  ‘wish come true’ for many vendors as they see now easily expand and reach a vast market without having to invest money in marketing or branding. The team at ShadiBox prides itself over their involvement in visiting and providing self-taken coverage of every vendor listed on their website, which is quite beneficial when it comes to questions about service quality and reliability.

The Final Say

When it comes to weddings, an average Pakistani is usually looking out for the best, cost-effective deals and many have turned to Facebook and other social mediums to search for popular wedding service providers. If the team behind ShadiBox plays their cards right, it’s quite likely to find good traction. Weddings are huge business and anything that simplifies the process is bound to be used and appreciated. Let’s hope this startup realizes their vision and shadi planning becomes as much of a fun-filled experience as the actual weddings themselves!

Ref: ProPakistani

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