Signs You Will Be Fired Soon

Infrequent restructuring and layoffs were the only things an employee could worry about in the past, but a lot has changed nowadays considering the tough economic times. For instance, companies are going through bankruptcies, non-stop downsizing and even the illusion of job security will soon be a thing of the past. These factors have seen the job layoffs and unemployment numbers rise to double digits.

It is quite evident that no one would like to be caught unaware, especially when it comes to losing a job. Nonetheless, how can you know if you will be fired soon? Here are 7 warning signs to look out for.

1. No work pressure

In the corporate scene, it is quite common for everyone to complain of the work pressure that comes with being allocated a lot of responsibilities and projects. However, if you are that kind of a person who floats free because you have less work than your colleagues, then there is always a high chance that this could be one of the most obvious signs you will be fired soon.

Basically, this is a clear sign that your skills are no longer valuable to your superiors who see no future prospects for you in the company. Ideally, no work pressure essentially implies no work soon.

2. You’re no longer in the loop

If you feel you no longer know what’s happening in the company or your office, then your clock has just started ticking. You can rest assured that you are no longer in the loop if memos are sent out or important decisions that you previously would have been consulted on are made without your knowledge.

For instance, if you use to be consulted during important recruitment decisions, and you walk into your office just to realize that someone new has been hired, get ready to hit the job hunting road very soon.

3. You don’t get along with your boss
When things get really bad, people tend to run in the other direction, and an impending job termination is actually no different. This is actually one of the most common signs that indicate you will be fired soon. You can tell if your job is in imminent jeopardy if your boss seems standoffish or rather unfriendly because he/she isn’t sure of the best way to break the news to you. But take heart, some bosses can even fire you without a second thought if the distance between you and them gets wider.

4. When you see your own job posted on the job boards
This might sound a bit impossible, but beware if you see an advert for a job on the internet or any other job board that’s very similar to your own. As much as it can be such a great disappointment to see your own job advertised as vacant internally or externally, it is always a good sign that you will be fired soon. In most cases, your boss will give an excuse about expanding the department or some other bait and switch. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to use the job placement period to accelerate your search for a new job.

5. Your company is sold The current prevailing economic times have become very tough to the point that mergers or even take overs are becoming more rampant. Mergers and acquisitions can imply that the deck will be shuffled by the new bosses, and hence you must ensure that you hold your cards firmly even if you are told that your job is safe.

6. You made a colossal mistake
It is pretty obvious that everyone makes mistakes, but you our job could be in real danger if you made a noticeable one, even if you are not to blame for it entirely. Basically, there are some mistakes an employer cannot ignore, such as stealing or sharing company’s confidential information. You will definitely get fired if you make a colossal mistake that can cost the company its reputation, but you can take responsibility by dismissing it as a minor slip.

7. A very bad review for the work done
The best way for employers to document an employee’s performance is with the reviews for work done. Unfortunately, some reviews are not so favorable particularly when your performance is in question. A bad review is one of the most definitive signs you will be fired soon, whether it is a warranted bad review or not.

Ref: lifezap

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