CUCM – Conference – Ad Hoc Conference

CUCM Conference Ad Hoc Conference Unlike the Meet-Me conference, the ad hoc conference is started by an initiator and only the initiator of the conference can add people into the conference. There are two methods to use in order to initiate ad hoc conferences: Put a call on hold, dial another participant, and conference additional participants. Join established calls by using the Select and Join softkeys Use the Conference Softkey for Ad Hoc Conference The conference controller controls ad hoc conferences. When you initiate an ad hoc conference, CUCM considers you the conference controller. In an ad hoc conference, only…
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CUCM – Applications

Cisco Unified Communications Manager - Applications The choices in the drop-down list box include the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Shows the default when you access CUCM. Use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to configure system parameters, route plans, devices, and much more. Cisco Unified Serviceability Takes you to the main Cisco Unified Serviceability window that is used to configure trace files and alarms and to activate and deactivate services. Cisco Unified OS Administration Takes you to main Cisco Unified OS Administration window, so you can configure and administer the CUCM platform. You must…
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