Things to Consider When Designing Your Low Energy Dream House – Part 1

Low Energy Dream House . – My wife and I are considering selling our home and building a smaller house set up for two people that makes efficient use of space and uses as little energy as possible. Since I make my living as an industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy expert this should be right up my alley right? It also sounds like a lot of fun designing our perfect new place that we will enjoy for many years to come. We started looking for designs off the internet for net zero or super-insulated homes which got us thinking about what we wanted to do.

The design uses traditional, simple forms with thoughtfully placed windows and overhangs to take advantage of the views and to create a livable, open and modest plan.

The home is constructed with double-thick walls, triple glazed windows, and a well-insulated, radiant slab, including innovative detailing throughout.

If you want to learn more you can contact the Architect at or the builder at for specific questions about the project.



Source :  Solar Thermal Magazine

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