Top 10 In-Demand Skills To Help You Get Hired


  • One of the top most advertised software skills.
  • Listed among the highly scarce skills in the software industry.
  • Heavily used in prime industries including Big Data, Data Analytics, and Data Mining.
  • One of the most in-demand skills with a vast number of job opportunities internationally.

Data Analytics

  • Data Science and Statistics seem to make way in every workforce possible.
  • Big players from top sectors like banking and healthcare rely heavily on data for their business decisions.
  • Data Analytics has become one of the most commonly cited skills in the last few years.


  • With an increase in global healthcare improvements, there is a huge demand for talent in the Caregiving industry.
  • Caregiving jobs are expected to gain significant momentum in 2018.

Personal Finance

  • The expanding investment opportunities are prompting new aspects of saving and investment.
  • Personal Finance Advisor careers are gaining popularity.
  • Helping clients with money management, advising on insurance and other forms of investments are some of the key trends in this industry.

Digital Marketing

  • Research says marketers with digital skills, especially SEO and SEM, are most in-demand.
  • Some of the other top skills that are in-demand include content creation/curation, content strategy, social media and email marketing.

Network Security

  • Recent cyber threats like Ransomware and NotPetya have boosted the demand for cybersecurity positions within organisations.
  • Cybersecurity Specialist happens to be one the most popular job titles in the IT Security industry.

Database Management

  • Different approaches to efficiently storing data has become a necessity.
  • Reports say that about 25% of companies aimed to fill Database Management positions in 2017.
  • One of the top most popular job roles is “Database Administrator”.

Language Skills

  • Knowing a foreign language is not just an additional asset, but also a necessity in certain fields.
  • Some of the fields that require language skills include Customer Service, Marketing, Technical Support, and Sales.
  • In-demand languages include: Chinese, Japanese, German, French, and Arabic.

Mobile App Development

  • Mobile App Development roles account for 28% of IT-related advertisements.
  • Mobile App Development surpassed Web Development skills, which was deemed to be the most popular in past years.

Web Development

  • JavaScript is the most sought-after skill, followed by Java, C#, Python, and Amazon Web Services.



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