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cool travel hacks for smart travelers.

  1. store loose cables and chargers in an old sunglasses case
  2. packing socks – roll those together – wrap the end around the roll – pack those in shoes
  3. keep shirt collars clean and stiff – by placing ballet in those
  4. roll, don’t fold to save space
  5. wrap your shoes in a shower cap
  6. if you need to fold, put newspaper sheets inside clothes to avoid wrinkling
  7. passport, ID, itinerary – scan and email it to yourself for safekeeping
  8. organize ear plugs with binder clips
  9. use google maps offline – type ok maps – current area will save for later
  10. use plastic wrap – to prevent bottles from leaking
  11. use binder clips to protect razors
  12. place earrings in buttons and necklace in straw – carry jewellery tangle-free
  13. refill a small toothpaste tube
  14. hide emergency cash in lips balm tube
  15. book flights 8 weeks in advance
  16.  compare & get the best fares on ixigo
  17. take an empty water bottle to the airport – refill it after you pass security

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