Unlock Potential with Hosted Lync 2013

Lync is a tool that can add significant benefit to small, medium and large sized businesses and organizations.

Microsoft Lync is a powerful tool that was designed to improve the communication and collaboration of businesses no matter the size, large to small.  The unified communications platform hosts all of your communications products under one roof.  No longer will you have to manually switch between programs when you nee to instant message a client, email a co-worker or join an online video conference. Microsoft Lync 2013 saves you valuable time throughout your workday and will make communicating both internally as well as externally much easier and more efficient.

The feature rich product has helped improve the communication and collaboration within countless businesses and organizations, and now Microsoft has introduced several valuable client updates that will make Lync an even more powerful unified communications tool.  This update will help to further cement Microsoft Lync as the industry’s top unified communications platform and enhance the commitment Microsoft has to its end users. Microsoft Lync 2013 is sure to make your workday much more efficient.

Microsoft Lync 2013 receives updates that further enhance the product as the top unified communications tool.

Lync has already received several updates in 2013 that have added more features and have included bug fixes.  On mobile, Lync client updates are automatic. They are uploaded direct from the Lync server.  But with Lync 2013, your client updates must be manually installed. The changes and updates Lync 2013 provides are well worth it.  In the new Lync 2013 client update spell checking has been added to the instant messaging service, as well as the option to paste plain text when copying existing text into an instant message.  This is a great feature as it saves you time when copying and pasting information from a company document or email that is surrounded by HTML.  The update also fixes a problem where Lync would not show your status as “busy” during the time you had an event scheduled on your Outlook calendar.

Lync 2013 offers client updates to Instant Messaging capabilities.

Another great update is that instant message chats show personalized photos for you and the people you are messaging.  This makes it much easier for you to see who is speaking and who to reply to.  There is also a feature called “IM Mute” which enables a meeting presenter or host to turn off the conversation window.  This feature is great for meetings where you have a large audience and trying to keep up with incoming comments is nearly impossible. In that case, you can enable the Q&A feature which still lets your meeting attendees ask questions and enables you to quickly respond to them.  This gives you flexibility in high volume meetings to stay focused on the meeting and reduce distractions.

Lync 2013 gives you more options when recording your meetings, with your business needs in mind.

Finally, the new updates gives you the ability to record your Microsoft Lync meetings in varying resolutions.  You now have the ability to choose to record in 480p, 720p or 1080p High Definition.  For businesses and organizations with large bandwidth, you can enjoy meeting recordings in full HD!  And for businesses with lower bandwidth capabilities you can record in lower definitions which allow you to save valuable bandwidth and still have the ability to record and view your meetings at any time.  This gives you much more freedom when using Lync to record and view videos on any device.  If you are viewing or recording a meeting on your mobile device or tablet, view and record in a low resolution.  This means you can view meetings whether you are in the office or on the go!  Lync 2013 allows you to stay on track no matter where you go.

Ref: Sound-Connect


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