VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – troubleshooting – couch_compactor_fsm failure

couch_compactor_fsm failure

if 2600hz plateform logs shows  couch_compactor_fsm failed to ping.


The compactor needs to know the cookie with which the BigCouch Erlang VM started because it needs to find out what ports BigCouch is listening on.

Some folks run on non-standard ports, so the compactor will query the node directly to discover its configured ports.

Failing to connect to BigCouch, compactor will use the ports configured in /etc/kazoo/config.ini to try compacting.

Obviously this fails in most installs because most people are using HAProxy locally on 15984/15986 instead of 5984/5986.

The cookie value in the system_config/whistle_couch doc should be set the whatever the cookie value in /etc/kazoo/bigcouch/vm.args is, as that’s the cookie value the BigCouch VM is running with.

The [bigcouch] cookie value is used to initialize the system_config/whistle_couch entry, but is otherwise unused.

If your BigCouch nodes are running with ‘couch_cookie’ (or whatever it actually is) as their cookie, and you cannot ping that node, check firewall rules to make sure traffic from the apps server can reach the BigCouch server.

It will ping bigcouch@bigcouch1.server.com or whatever the hostname of the server is. You can test this yourself by starting an erlang VM on an apps server and trying to ping BigCouch:

erl -name foo -setcookie {bigcouch_cookie}

1> net_adm:ping(‘bigc…@bigcouch.server.com‘).

If you see ‘pang’, something is blocking communication between the two servers. Check IPTables or similar on the BigCouch server.

Ref: James Aimonetti ( google groups answer)

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