VoIP – Yeti-Switch – SEMS based SBC with Kamailio Load balancer

YETI Switch is an open source project based on SBC module of SEMS. The main goal is to move routing logic and entire softswitch behaviour to a separated layer. This approach provides flexibility, ability to quickly add a non-trivial features and simply integrate it with other systems. It is possible to completely change the business logic by changing only the management layer component.

YETI consists of few separate parts:

  • Core – modified SEMS and YETI SEMS module binaries.
  • Management layer – set of tables and appropriate PL/pgSQL stored procedures. As a database system we have chosen PostgreSQL.
  • Web-interface to manage YETI on Rails.



Dmitry Sinina – PgSQL Developer, Architector

Michael Furmur – C/C++ Developer, developing SEMS YETI module

Igor Fedoronchuk – Web Developer, developing YETI Admin console

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