whatever happens happen for the good

king went hunting in the forest along with his minister, but after a hard day’s work he could not find any kill despite his best efforts, which made him very frustrated and in his anger, while wielding his sword, he accidentally cut his finger.

As the minister helped him bandage the finger, he told the king, “Don’t worry, whatever happens happen for the good.” Already aggravated with the circumstances, the king said, “What nonsense are you talking. Can’t you see my finger is almost chopped off and I’m bleeding profusely, and you have the audacity to say that there is something good in it?” Out of sheer annoyance, he ordered his soldiers to throw the minister into a well. As he continued with his tour, he stopped to test the minister, and looked inside the well and very sarcastically remarked, “Whatever happens happen for good, stay there.”Leaving the minister in the well the king wandered deep into the forest and soon realized he and his men were lost. To make matters worse, before the entourage could find a way out, the king was captured by some tribal in the forest. They were in a midst of a religious ritual which required a human sacrifice. As they did not recognize the king, they thought they had found their sacrifice to please the deity. It was all set and the King was about to be sacrificed, but even as they chanted their prayers, one of their priests noticed the missing finger on the king’s hand, and according to their tradition they could not sacrifice any person who is not complete. So, they decided to let him go and look for another person.Shaken from the turn of events, the king thanked his luck and all of a sudden stopped to ponder about what his minister had said. He realized how right were his words – that whatever happens happen for a reason and it is good for you. At that moment, he knew that had his finger not got cut off, his head surely would have been!! It indeed was a spate of good fortune.He rushed back to his minister and immediately asked his ministers to take him out of the well. Though he praised his wisdom, he was still wondering at the minister’s words, and asked him, “It was good that my finger was cut as it saved my life, but what was good when I threw you into the well?’ In reply, the minister said that there was good in that too, because had he been accompanying the king, the tribal people would have killed him instead of the King, as he was physically perfect for their sacrifice.Everything Allah does is perfect, He is never wrong .Often we complain about life, and the negative things that happen to us, forgetting that nothing is random, and that everything has a purpose .Allah knows why he chose you to receive this message today, please bless someone with it by sharing it. Everything happens for a reason, things do happen for our own Good. AllahuAkbar!

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