Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas


The following is a list of article ideas that show up repeatedly in Articles for deletion (AfD). Please think twice before creating an article about any of the following:

  1. Yourself or your organization – including a band of which you are a member or employee, even if either is notable! (See: Conflict of interest, Wikipedia is not here to tell the world about your noble cause, and An article about yourself is nothing to be proud of.)
  2. A topic on which no published, reliable, third-party sources exist – see Wikipedia:The answer to life, the universe, and everything
  3. An unrealistic animal, place, or thing
  4. Anything about which you are not going to write at least one complete sentence.
  5. The street you live on (unless it meets accepted standards of “notability”).
  6. A second article on an existing topic; you can just edit the existing article. Use the Search button to find out where it is.
  7. Your dormitory building (unless it’s a heritage-listed building).
  8. Your club, society, fraternity, sorority or any other school/college group (unless it’s famous and covered by independent sources).
  9. Secret societies that are truly secret, and other secret information that is being revealed for the first time. (See: No original research)
  10. Extremely specific details which only a dedicated few care about.
  11. Subjects that cannot be studied, or the knowledge of which amounts only to the fact that it relates to another topic.
  12. Any article in which you want to present a single point of view on a topic when multiple points of view exist. Expect all points of view, even critical or negative ones, to appear in any article you make! See WP:NPOV
  13. A new article to supplement an already existing one which you think is not putting your point across forcefully enough.
  14. Any subject that can be documented only by reference to the original, be it film, recording or picture. An example would be an article about movie characters when the only information about these character exists in the movie in which they are featured.
  15. The New Great Thing you made up in school today.
  16. Your resume.
  17. Any article devoted solely to announcing that someone or something is awesome, beast, the bomb, cool, or the man, the myth, the legend.
  18. Any article devoted solely to announcing that someone is gay, lesbian, a man, a woman, married, divorced or in other words, soap opera of any kind.
  19. Any article about a disclaimer.
  20. Any article that calls any Wikipedian the worst ever.
  21. Any article about another article.
  22. Any article about a particular millisecond in history. With one exception.
  23. Any article regarding other articles’ articulation when articulating another article.

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