Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons – PS4, Xbox One and mobile

At this point in the PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s lifecycle, they almost seem more like “in case you missed it” machines than those offering brand new experiences. That isn’t always a bad thing though, and especially not where the excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is concerned. Starbreeze Studio’s heartbreaking indie hits Microsoft and Sony’s latest consoles “this holiday season” according to a press release. Furthermore, IGNreports that it’ll feature a few new additions as well, including a director’s commentary track, a concept art gallery and a soundtrack. And if you’ve heard your console-owning pals raving about the game but don’t own one (or a PC) yourself, Brothers will hit the App Store and Google Play later this year as well. Just make sure you’re not playing in public toward the end — trust us.

Ref: Engadget

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