VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – debugging – no servers available in group 1 or 2

After Kazoo 2600hz install if you are getting errors while making calls even extension to extension


ERROR: dispatcher [dispatch.c:1262]: ds_get_index(): destination set [2] not found

ERROR: dispatcher [dispatch.c:1660]: ds_select_dst_limit(): destination set [2] not found

WARNING: <script>: |end|no servers avaliable in group 1 or 2


this is in most cases due to either wrong configuration on freeswitch nodes in dispatcher or wrong entry/missing entry in db

check using command

1) sup -n ecallmgr ecallmgr_config get fs_nodes

are you getting list of all freeswitch nodes, in not then add them usign following command for each freeswitch node

2) sup -n ecallmgr ecallmgr_maintenance add_fs_node freeswitch@fs-hostname

now check again using command (1) if all ok. then run follwoing commands to reload services

epmd -daemon

service freeswitch restart

chkconfig freeswitch on

epmd -names


then try again , issue should be fixed


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